A well-deserved reputation as the food capital of Ireland.

Cork’s cultural identity is defined by many magical things; within this mix of influences is the celebrated cuisine that touches every corner of city and county. There has always been a proud history and culture of food here. Age old traditions and new ways of thinking have shaped a way of life that centres around food and drink, which is reflective of the history of our people and the place of Cork.

We are blessed with lush countryside for dairy produce and livestock as well as a location that is rich in seafood. This paves the way for the wide array of fresh produce on offer from established and artisan food producers – readily available at farmer’s markets, in local supermarkets or on the menu at Cork’s ever flourishing eateries.

Cork has spearheaded the Irish food revolution and today it has an abundance of fantastic places to eat and drink, under the watchful eye of a cast of creative chefs. It’s a haven for artisan food producers and craft breweries, as well as being home to the established stout brands Murphys, Beamish and Jameson whiskey.

Cork is a destination that is actively leading the way in food festivals, gourmet trails or farmers’ markets as well as great dining experiences; here are just a few links to our top picks….