8 Mar 2024

We are Cork goes ‘We are Cillian’ for Oscars weekend

Cork has a long tradition of producing international talent and this weekend everyone in the county will be celebrating one of its most recognised exports, Cillian Murphy.  The Douglas born Corkonian is up for an Oscar this Sunday March 10th for his powerhouse role in ‘Oppenheimer’, the Christopher Nolan directed epic that was hugely received in 2023.

Cillian has come a long way from his casting in ‘Disco Pigs’, a Corcadorca production of Enda Walsh’s second play which debuted in Cork’s Triskel Theatre in 1996.  The actor starred in hit ’28 days later’ in 2002 before a role in Peaky Blinders earned endless praise for his depiction of  Tommy Shelby.  But the upper echelons of Hollywood came calling with a first film with Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins, which led to several roles in Nolan films including Inception and Dunkirk.

Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in inception

Now Cillian is among the shortlist for best actor at the Oscars, having won the recent BAFTA award for Best Actor in a Leading role. 

We wish Cork’s own Cillian every success in the upcoming Oscars.