A rich offering of iconic cultural events for everyone.

Some of Cork’s festivals provide a leading anchor in attracting tourists from all over the world, with many making annual visits to satisfy interests in music, food or arts and culture. Our festivals entertain, celebrate our communities and showcase our city, villages and towns. We don’t call them festivals for nothing; they are exciting, unique and full of life and we put our all into making them happen. Our festivals are also a prime opportunity to get to know the local culture and experience the essence of the Cork; interacting with the locals, immersing yourself in the ambience of the moment, and absorbing the local culture. They are also permanent fixtures in the diaries of many Corkonians and visitors from every corner of Ireland who converge on Cork at the same time each year – long standing traditions where they can meet friends and family, take pride in the Cork culture and enjoy local food and drink. Whether you’re into eating outdoors at the Midsummer Long Table Event; enjoying jazz, classical or modern music; experiencing opera, film, comedy or carnival life, there’s something for visitors and citizens alike.