6 Mar 2024

Join cutting edge AI talk in Cork considering privacy concerns across AI

Cork City will host a cutting edge GLACIATION event titled “Harmonising Privacy and AI across the Cloud-Edge Continuum,”, which will delve into the essential equilibrium of progressing AI technologies while safeguarding personal privacy.  It is a topic of increasing relevance as AI becomes more prevalent across a multitude of sectors, with this UCC event demonstrating Cork’s ability to lead from the front and combine industry concerns with academia.

Scheduled for the 12th of March, in UCC, Cork, Ireland, the event is run by the GLACIATION project which is at the forefront of innovation, focusing on the development of a ground-breaking metadata fabric that spans the edge-core-cloud architecture. Leveraging AI-driven optimisation of data movement and operations, GLACIATION aims to minimise environmental impact while ensuring privacy awareness and compliance. By strategically optimising the location of analytics, the project will achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions associated with data movement and operations, all while enhancing data privacy.

Central to the event will be a showcase of the GLACIATION project’s strategic initiatives to weave AI with privacy. Cork City has a rich history of brining industry and academia together to drive innovation, and give Cork based businesses the cutting edge it needs in business.  The cities 200+ multinationals have benefitted from decades of industry leading collaboration on innovation.

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