Our strength lies in our spirit.

Community spirit is central to the Cork way of life; it’s something that we are immensely proud of. Relationships between individuals and society are based on a feeling of community; it what keeps us together.

Traditionally, people have regarded their family, relatives and village as their community, which is ever present and has been for centuries throughout our diverse county. Despite this diversity, community spirit and endeavour are thriving and extending to commonalities linked to hobbies, ways of thinking or activities that bring people together is where the true spirit of the people and communities of Cork shines through.

The people of Cork are united in working together as a committed community and voluntary sector, to support each other in doing what is best for our city and county. There are over 500 city community groups and over 900 throughout the rest of the county – ranging from large multi-disciplinary community development organisations to smaller groups such as residents’ associations and community councils.

There’s something for everyone to get involved with and many new groups have formed in the last few years, reflecting the welcome influx of newcomers to Cork. Camaraderie and a positive attitude to gets things done is second nature to communities in Cork and leads people to do things like: organising a Street Feast, organising clean ups through Tidy Towns, collaborating in a team event or race, developing bonds through dance, film, theatre or craftsmanship. The possibilities are endless.