31 Jan 2024

€2.5 billion Euro investment set to transform Cork’s work, play and green economy

A five year investment of up to €2.5 billion is set to transform Cork city, with significant funds earmarked for transport, housing, public realm and the huge development of Cork City Docklands, Ireland’s largest regeneration project. Adding to a city already topping quality of life charts, the works will further influence those considering Cork as a place to live, work, invest, study and visit.

proposed Public space at Cork City docklands.

The significant sums include €1.9 billion on housing, €120 million on walking and cycling facilities, €200 million on rail and light rail planning, €190 million on Cork Docklands, €35 million on new city library, €25 million of public realm improvements and €14 million on Marina Park Phase 2.

Chief Executive of Cork City Council Ann Doherty said the expanding city presents “huge opportunities” to become a city of scale with top-class public transport, a vibrant city centre, a greener city, and a healthier city.

Cork City Council cannot deliver a more sustainable and liveable city on its own. It can support the creation of conditions for a more sustainable way of living but it needs support from residents, communities and businesses and an acknowledgement that the transition, while challenging at times, will ultimately deliver for the city and its people,”

Cork City Council Chief Executive Ann Doherty
CGI of new apartments at Cork City Docklands 2024, relocating to Ireland
Proposed development at the cities docklands, already well underway

Cork City has been a city rising for over a decade, with Ireland’s largest regeneration project in the cities docklands adding accommodation for up to 20000 in addition to significant office and leisure space. The growth is fulled by the cities high levels of foreign direct investment, with over 200 international companies making Cork their home, including household names like Apple and Pfizer. The cities two universities supply over 10,000 STEM graduates annually to an eager work market, so its little surprise the cities is predicted to grow by 40% over the coming decades.

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