12 Nov 2020

Tyndall Institute celebrates 100th Horizon 2020 award

Tyndall National Institute is celebrating its 100th Horizon 2020 award, with a total value of over €56M in funding now secured, making it one of the most successful institutes in Ireland for European funding. This helps to position Tyndall and Ireland as an international leader in deep-tech research.

The announcement was made today by Minister Simon Harris during the launch of the Tyndall 2019 Annual Report. Please find a synopsis below and the full release attached.

– A H2020 success rate that is three times higher than the European average
– For every €1 of EU funding channelled through the research framework programme approximately €11 is generated in direct and indirect economic effects through innovations, new technologies and products.
– Tyndall and it’s Irish based partners account for 10% of Ireland’s overall draw-down from Horizon 2020.
– Tyndall reported income of €42m, up 17% on 2018.
– There was a continued strengthening of partnerships between researchers and international industry, including Intel and Seagate, for critical knowledge transfer activities.
– Tyndall achieved significant industrial impact through the deployment of platform technologies such as integrated magnetics, as demonstrated through the awarding of a joint patent with Apple Inc.
– SMEs accounted for 49% of all industry programmes during the year, and indigenous SMEs now account for one-third of all industry researchers-in-residence at Tyndall.
– The launch of high-potential spin-out Varadis*
– Tyndall supported 143 PhD and Master’s students.
– A new ambitious strategic plan ‘Tyndall 2025’ was developed, with the objective of doubling the size of the institute double in size to become a significant player on the international research stage and secure a global leadership position for Ireland in deep-tech research.