3 May 2024

€7m investment in cyber security at Cork University MTU set to create next security company founders

Ireland has long been at the forefront of cybersecurity which is a billion Euro business in the state.  Over 7300 people are employed in the high demand, high skills sector in Ireland which as a high median salary of €73000 per role. This industry is set to grow significantly with creation of Cyber Innovate Initiative at the counties Munster Technological University.

The new operation will work out of MTU’s Rubicon Centre, a hotbed of Ireland’s innovation and start up activity. Every year, 12 – 15 participants will work with researchers across Ireland to develop solution to the challenges of Cyber Security, founding companies and producing products in response. A €38000 stipend will support their work with a postgraduate diploma in cyber security innovation.

The wider Irish market in cyber security already includes over 170 cyber security companies and 470 cyber security related companies generating €2.1bn in cyber security-related revenue and €1.1bn gross value added to the Irish economy. This highly supportive and innovative schemes looks to add to that in the shortest timeframe possible by supplying the right candidates with the support they need.

MTU campus, Cork City

Commenting on the move, Dr Donna O’Shea:

“We believe the realisation of the Cyber Innovate initiative will see an Ireland that is cyber innovative, cyber secure and cyber successful. Graduates of this initiative will have the latest skills and know-how to create new and useful products. These products will help businesses stay secure online while boosting Ireland’s cyber security industry revenue.” 

Dr Donna O’Shea – MTU Chair of Cybersecurity

Ireland has a long history of supporting new businesses and companies to develop innovative solutions to problems – learn more about investing in Ireland here: