30 Jun 2023

$135 Million investment by AMD to bring cutting edge semiconductor development to Cork

US giants AMD are planning a significant investment in its Irish operation with jobs in research, engineering and support roles. The goal is to fund strategic research and development projects that will bring additional jobs to Cork City and County.

The roles are a ringing endorsement of Cork’s supportive business eco-system, the availability of research hubs and a strong pipeline of emerging graduate talent.

It is the availability of highly skilled labour that particularly sets Cork apart, as over 10000 STEM students graduate from its two major universities each year. In an industry known for its scarce skilled labour supply, Ireland status as the country with the highest level of STEM graduates per capita in the EU puts it front and centre of international investment.

Electronics Purchasing and Supply News described Cork as a ‘Location of choice’ for semi-conductor and global business, based on Cork’s:

  • Availability of quality talent.
  • An abundance of research centres.
  • A business-friendly tax environment.
  • A long track record of hosting and supporting top U.S. chip companies.

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