11 Sep 2023

Cork named the second best city in Europe for retirees in study

A new study from insurance firm Shepherd’s Friendly has revealed how much it costs to live in the happiest cities around the world, and Cork has come out second in a prestigious European list. The researchers looked at 48 cities around the world, ranking them by a range of factors including average life expectancy, monthly cost of living and happiness rating including those who live in Cork.

Cork ranked as the second best European city to retire in, with an average life expectancy of 84 and an average monthly cost of living at €930.  The study found you’d need an estimated €187,548 to retire there.

To determine the average length of retirement, the study compared the average retirement age of 66 for both men and women against each country’s life expectancy. Looking at average monthly living costs, the researchers then calculated just how much it costs to live in the top happiest cities during these years.

Cork has long been a destination of choice for its healthy mix of cosmopolitan city that is on the doorstep of stunning Irish nature and wildlife. Both West Cork and East Cork are famed for their beaches, pretty coastal towns, rich cultural offerings and amazing food, with Cork considered Ireland’s culinary capital.

Top 10 cities in Europe for retirement:

1. Madrid, Spain

2. Cork, Ireland

3. Bergen, Norway

4. Barcelona, Spain

5. Helsinki, Finland

6. Vienna, Austria

7. Brussels, Belgium

8. Stockholm, Sweden

9. Dublin, Ireland

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

For more information on the happiest cities to retire in, see the full results here

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