27 Mar 2023

Cork City Council asks residents to have their say on the cities future in LECP consultations

We all have an opinion on how our community can be improved, or what could be done differently to make your city a better place to live and work.  Cork City Council cares about your opinion and is inviting residents to have their say on the future of the city at two public Community Engagement Workshops on the upcoming Cork City Council LECP:

Thursday 13th April– doors at 9.30am, starts at 10am, finishes at 1pm. REGISTER HERE

Tuesday 18th April– doors at 5.30pm, start at 6pm, finishes at 9pm. REGISTER HERE

These events are open to members of the public, community organisations, advocacy groups, local businesses, city networks and other stakeholders. 

Both are being held in the city centre at the IMI (Old Bank), 1 Lapps Quay.

These workshops provide a forum for people to come together and consider what is needed for successfully planning for the future of Cork City. We believe that communities know best when it comes to how they should be developed and that by working collaboratively we can create a healthy, inclusive and sustainable future for all.

All suggestions are considered and refined into concrete actions, which are then implemented across the lifetime of the plan.  Previous LECP’s have brought real change to the city and communities, so everyone is invited to have their say and take part, either in person or via the online contribution platform.

The IMI, Lapps quay, the ‘old bank’ Location of the engagement workshops

You can learn all about the LECP here – Local and Economic Community Plan (LECP)

What is the Local Economic and Community Plan?

To find out about other ways to have your say, visit the LECP webpage where you can:

Complete a short survey

Send us in a written submission

If you have any questions and would like to talk to the LECP team, call 0214 924000 or email community@corkcity.ie

Find out more here: https://www.corkcity.ie/en/council-services/services/community/local-economic-community-plan/

Saint Patricks street cork

If you are attending on behalf of an organisation, we request that community and business organisations register only one representative, to ensure we can welcome and hear from as many diverse groups and voices as possible.  Light refreshments will be served.

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