23 May 2023

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc invest in the future at Cork site

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc has given Cork a €38 million Euro seal of approval with the opening of its new state-of-the-art aseptic production facility at its Shanbally site, becoming the latest company to invest in Cork.

The location will manufacture BioMarin therapies for global distribution, conducting end-to-end manufacturing of several of the company’s commercial products. Additional products will including cutting edge gene therapies, making the location one of the few in Ireland conducting end to end work.

BioMarin continues to be a leader in the biopharmaceutical space following its move to Cork in 2012. Previous investments at the site have seen production levels increase by as much as 150% for some of the company’s products, a figure representative of the exceptional talent pool and supportive business environment available to Cork based business.

Cork remains a leading location for attracting business, with several of worlds leading pharmaceuticals based in the area, complimented by international powerhouses Apple, Amazon, Dell, Facebook and IBM.

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