19 Jun 2023

Ireland’s first dedicated biofuel terminal opens in Cork with sights set on 85% emissions reduction

A world leader in sustainable biofuels has officially launched Ireland’s first dedicated biofuel terminal, highlighting further sustainable development in Cork.

Official launch of biofuel supplier GBF low-carbon biofuel terminal at Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork

Operated by Irish subsidiary Green D Project Limited, the Green Biofuels Ltd. (GBF) facility will be used to import, export, store and distribute its flagship Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) biofuel called Gd+. The fuel delivers up to a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions and significant local air quality benefits, with reduced tailpipe emissions up to 85%.

More than €30 Million has been invested in the six acre site, with GBF planning to store 38 million litres of a 54 million capacity. The significant development project included upgrade works to storage tanks, safety updates and concrete works.

Green bio-fuel

Made from waste biomass feedstocks, waste vegetable oils and animal fats, HVO biofuel is already helping to reduce CO2e emissions across a wide range of industries, including construction, haulage and freight, shipping, and agriculture.

Cork is taking a lead in sustainable economic development by harnessing its enormous renewable energy potential – Learn more about investing in Cork here –